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  1. An 18 inch Work Of Art...

    Hi, John Lyon is very much one to one and very intense, he can be found below. http://www.john-lyon.com Ian
  2. An 18 inch Work Of Art...

    Hi Folks, New to the site and thinking of new GTI purchase, noticed talk of car control courses, if you really want to learn how to drive can I suggest you pay John Lyon a visit. This man has it all car control, race craft etc but most of all he has amazing road craft, this is the absolute key to making safe, swift progress on the public roads. He also has access to places like MIRA and Millbrook depending upon which courses you end up doing with him. One warning though, he will take apart how you drive now and completely reconstruct it. Without date this the best money I have ever spent on cars and driving. Best Wishes Ian