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  1. 320 ABS Probs

    I have searched through the forum but cant find anything on the possibility of a known issue with the ABS on the 320d. The BM dealer suggested that it was common and is going to cost us £2400 to fix the wifes car as it is out of warranty. He said its a known problem but too costly to recall !!!! Not too sure if anyone has any knowledge of this as I haven't had many dealings with BM always stuck to the Audi. (Touch wood never many problems with that !!) Anyone know the email address or postal address for the Customer Service Director at BMW as I may send him a letter advising of the disappointment to see if they will chuck in as the delaer wont budge. Any help or suggestions is very welcome. Thanks
  2. My wifes remote fob from her Bora (04) wouldn't work well as though needed new battery. I fitted one and now the car will only lock and activate the alarm with the fob and not unlock and deactivate the alarm. Anyone know if this is something to do with it needing re-synchronising ? Or is there something specific you have to do when replacing the battery ? Cheers in advance.
  3. Anyone help please .... The remote fob on the wifes Bora (04 TDI) seemed to need a new battery as it was taking forever to work so I replaced the batteries in both key fobs Unfortunately one of them will only work to activate the alarm and lock the car but wont reopen and deactivate it again !! The other one wont work at all ? I have tried to unlock with the key and wait a little while and attempt to use the remote however all to no avail. Any idea's ? Is it a trip to the dealers ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Part Number / Name

    Great stuff, thanks very much.
  5. Part Number / Name

    Sorry, the car details would help wouldn't they..... 2004 - VW Bora 1.9 TDI Regards
  6. Part Number / Name

    Has anyone any idea what the part number or correct name is for the red light cover that is located in the passenger door. The lens has broke and I am struggling to find a new one !! Any help or suggestions is much appreciated. Regards
  7. Finally got my S3

    Very nice, looks stunning. Love all the extras. Very jealous !!
  8. Timing belt change

    I know that everyone tends to look at the mileage however I think there is a recommendation in the booklet for VW Bora that they are changed every xx miles or 4 years ! The wifes Bora was changed in July, hence the reason the time periods brought back memories as its only done 43k miles. In view of the age of the car would be worth getting it done, tensioners, water pump etc as well and that will be a damn sight cheaper than if it went !!
  9. S3 - 2002 - got to go this week

    Thanks for the PM, have replied and apologies for the delay in doing so. (Due to unexpected travel with work !!)
  10. This has to go this week due to company car arrival so as you will see its an absolute bargain with an engine warranty from Audi until Nov 2009. Audi : AUDI S3 QUATTRO (225) Regards
  11. 2002 - Audi S3

    Not many around now !!
  12. 2002 - Audi S3

    Cheers, I am getting rid of mine shortly and hoping to get a D3 Alpina. Not the same but doing a lot more miles now and cant see any bad reports about them.
  13. 2002 - Audi S3

    Thanks for the comments, appreciate the input as mine is similar and gives me a good idea of what to expect or not expect !!
  14. 2002 - Audi S3

    My mates car is up for sale please see link below. Absolute stunner to be honest but your comments are welcome with regards to price, advice etc as mine is very similar and may be going up for sale in next few months unfortunately !!! Audi : AUDI S3 (225) Quattro Regards
  15. Creaking Noises

    Thanks for the responses, very imformative as usual. I will speak to the local 'german' car specialist and get them done. I am under the impression from the comments that it wont cost much. Much appreciated