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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, the diff bearing on my 2007 3.0 TDi Allroad have become very noisy and it's lumping down from six to fifth and fourth to third. So it's not looking good. I haven't rebuilt an gearbox since I had an S8 nine years ago, and remembering back, I'm not keen on repeating the task. Allroad gearboxes seem to be like hens teeth and cost the earth. However A6 3.0 TDi quattro boxes, which are physically the same as an Allroad in every way are available for around a quarter of the price. Does anyone know where I can check the gearing etc to see the differences between a KHC and KJC gearbox? Much appreciation to anyone who's more in the know than me as always. Thanks.
  2. I have a faulty Xenon Headlight, it switches on with a blue tint for a few seconds to a minute then flickers and goes off. Any Ideas on if it is Bulb, Ballast (Control Unit) or faulty connection. Bulb is £140 and control Unit is £400 with probably loads of labour to get to it. Any replies appreciated.
  3. Weird air con problem!

    I have an A6 from 2005. So it has dual zone AC but i set them both on let's say 20 degrees and set the fan on medium blow and use the front airvents.( this are random setings for an example as nomater how I set it up it still does it). It will blow cold air just as requested for a few minutes then the vent next to the drivers door will start blowing really hot. And will not start to blow cold again until I stop and restart the engine. Can anyone help? Thank you!
  4. 2010 front bumper

    will a 2010 sline a6 bumper fit on to non sline 2008 a6?
  5. Hi all – I've got an 2006 A6 Avant 2.7 SE TDI with high MMI, bought approved used, but now out of warranty. The MMI worked fine for 12 months, then I noticed the phone wasn't accessing my last-dialled mobile numbers. Other phone functions started gradually disappearing until the MMI started saying “phone not installed!” Next, the whole MMI started to malfunction – half the time it wouldn't come on at all unless I did the setup/enter/top right softkey reset, and even then it would sometimes only stay on a couple of seconds. The phone came back briefly/partly, but then vanished again. Currently, the MMI stays on, but the radio, CD and telephone don't work. The live satnav map works, but I can't input a new destination as it just keeps flicking back to the last place I programmed in. Is there anything I can try myself or has it got to go into an Audi dealer? BTW, don't know if there's a connection, but the rear wiper packed in about a month ago (well, very occasionally it groans when I start the car and does a feeble solitary wipe) I know MMI can be affected by leaks from the rear wiper, but the MMI started going to cock long before the wiper packed in. I love the car, but feeling brassed off with all this. Any advice/suggestions much appreciated, thanks.
  6. Hi Can anybody give me a bit of advise. I have an A6 2.4 2006, and need to get the passenger door trim off, so I can lift the carpet under the seat. But looking at it can't see how to get it off and don't want ot start pulling at it and break something. Can anybody tell me how to get it off :confused:
  7. MMI random behaviour

    My 2006 A6 TDI has been working fine until one week ago when problems started with the MMI: bluetooth phone wont connect, radio turns off every 4 secs or so, CD wont play, climate control doesnt display on screen, Satnav will display map but none of the controls work and no route will load. I have recently upgraded the MMI to 5570 but this was working fine for about a month. The Nav button was a bit sticky but has freed up (no, I havent spilled any liquid over the buttons). Any help much appreciated ... this is driving me nuts as I commute 100 miles each day round the M4/M25/M1 and having no traffic data or radio or phone is driving me nuts!
  8. A6 Allroad fuel pump

    Hi folks, realise that you may have been through this before, but new with Audi's so bear with me...Friday night car stopped, no warning..after some investigation seems to be a fuel pump problem, but if i replace the fuel pump will the car have to go to audi to have the ecu re-done? Have spent 10 years with BMW's and built up my knowledge..starting over! Cheers:mad:
  9. I've had this car about a month now and the firm suspension is driving me nuts. The entire car rattles and shakes like crazy on anything but a totally smooth road. You can feel every groove in the road. I think my sat nav is in danger of shaking itself off the windscreen. Are there any cheap ways or otherwise to make the ride a bit more comfortable? I have 17" rims on it. Would changing to 16" (the standard I believe) help at all? Cheers.
  10. Hi, I've recently looked at a used 2004 Audi A6 2.5TDI Multitronic 163hp but it has a problem. 1) The display has PRNDS flashing. 2) Flooring the accelerator didn't seem to give me the expected level of acceleration. From what I've read on the net the display would seem to indicate a faulty TCU. Would that put the car into limp mode or reduce the power delivered to the wheels? If it is the TCU does anyone know of any places that could fit a replacement that is nearer to Reading, than Inde-tech? I understand the replacement is likely to cost in the region of £1000. I think I have figured out the part number I need is either 01J927156GN or 01J927156FK (Engine is: BDG) but I can't find any place online with that part number available.
  11. Hi all I have a Nearside Wing Mirror for an Audi A6. Its for the C6 late 2005 to 2007 plate. It's cover is black but can be resprayed. I bought it on eBay following a mishap with the garage door frame. I bought it in haste as I didn't want to miss out. I did a quick check on ETKA before purchase as it came off a 2005 A6. I later learned that it came from the later model (C6) so won't fit my 2000 C5. What can I say! I was having a bad day! The mirror looks good and I'm assured that it is electrically and mechanically sound but there's no glass. Replacement glass from stealer costs around £20. I bought for £50 + £10 p+p Will sell for £30 + £10 p+p or you can collect