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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I own a 2006 Audi A8L 4.2 TDI (original single frame) and would like to do a S8 retrofit/conversion. My local certified Audi dealer tells me that they are not sure that the S8 front will fit my 4.2 TDI because of some differences behind the fender/spoiler. But they are not 100% sure. I found a few guys on the internet saying that it is indeed possible, but they don't tell if it's a direct fit or if some bigger changes are needed. This guy successfully did it to a 4.2 TDI like mine, and I tried sending him an PM but no answer: Also this seller tells me that it fits my model, but don't give any further details: Can anyone confirm that the original D3/4E Audi S8 front will fit my 2006 4.2 TDI (original single frame) ? Any comments/help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. selling A8

    I have a V Reg A8 2.8 reg is V895 Ewe. three years ago i put it into a back street garage for an oil change, when i got it back the idiot said i changed the oil sender and now the low oil light comes on once you rev the car. i asked him why he changed theb oil sender as i had not asked him to do this. he had no answer except to say if i put the car back in he would fit a genuine audi one.He did this and the light and warning still comes on.i wanted to brak his legs but he was bigger than me ,and i would have got arrested. He said that the presure was not low and the car would drive ok, (which It did) as i had a trip to france towing a caravan to do,I bought another car and the Audi has been on my drive for two years. i have started the engine every couple of weks and drove it up and down the drive. It had a new MOT when i parked it up so there may not be much wrong with it to get a new one.thetyres are good and had not been on the car that long.the paint work on the one side wing and door ha peeled,it must of had a blow over at some time. The car has a tipronic gearbox, with the tiptronic stering wheel . A panasonic sat Nav and DVD player is fitted.The car should be able to drive away. The wife says i must get rid of it so does anyone want to make me an offer. i will take some photos this weekend ,and post them.I will be putting it up for sale on Ebay, but its only on here for now. contact details phone 07775848121, the car is close to junction 27 M4
  3. Hi, have an Audi A8 and have purchased an Audi DAB radio unit and fitted it, only to find out the software version in the car is too old and needs updating, even through the supplier assured me it would not. Have had a vag unit in it to enable the DAB option, but definitely the software it seems. current version in the car is very old (SW D3-HU 6300 07.7.0 0406). Anyone in the Aberdeen area both have the software and confident in updating it, plenty of beer money standing by if the answer is yes. I have a re-use of a VAG if needed afterwards. Cheers Allan
  4. Hello guys and gals, had the A8 just over a week now, and have to say I am pretty impressed. the only thing that suprised me is that such a high spec car does not come with full bluetooth!. I have the nokia in the armrest, silly thing is, I can see the bluetooth with my phone, and the MMI even asks if i want to bond it to the MMI, but when i put in any pin (match on car and phone) it just comes up, unable to pair on the phone (i have tried 2 different phones). Anyway, I am based in swindon, wiltshire, and was wondering if there are any other members local? My car was previously used as a chauffer car, so has been kept in almost spotless condition. I really would like bluetooth, so have ordered the dension 500s so i can use my iPod, and pair up my phone for calls and audio streaming. I keep fining buttons almost every day that I did not spot before!, so this is a learning experience. Hope I can be of use in the forums, i do have if anybody needs the use of it. now off to browse around the forum to see what other interesting things I can do to this car to make it even better!. The other thing i want is to add the phono input plugs so I have a useable Aux 1 & 2. My car has.. Digital TV DAB 6CD Phone prep (nokia in armrest) NAV This weekend I updated the NAV disc from 2006 to 2011 (could not find a later version) from a well known torrent site, I also updated the MMI software from 2120 to 5570, I have many many pics of the update process if anybody would like them, and now have a spare 3 cd set if anybody else would like to update yours. The update went without a hitch, took about an hour, and i did it with the engine running. Well if you guys have any other handy tips, I would love to hear them. Cheers Daz a.jpg[/img]
  5. My much cherrished A8 was written off by a BMW 320 skidding on snow, and coming at me broadside. Mostly body damage to front offside quarter, it does include driver's door, which is not immediately apparent from the photo. Damage also to headlamp mounting, undertray, front wheel and steering linkage. The car is not roadworthy, but will drive itself onto trailer or truck. Ming blue with light grey interior, it was just coming up to 104k miles. Apart from consumables, it had only needed a fuel pump and wiper linkage arm in all the years since purchase in March 1997. Still very smart and reliable, I had considered keeping it for years to come...... Seeking best offer over the third party insurer's meagre value of £270. Must be worth more than that for the aluminium alone. Location: Stroud, Gloucestershire. Contact: Chris 01242 500279 or 07879 898865
  6. Gearbox repair/replace recommendations

    Have got a d2 a8 and am having issues with the gearbox. If the car goes into 4th gear the revs go massively high then it bumps into limp mode. I've had issues with the gearbox before and unfortunately the warranty has run out and they will not help me out. So can anyone recommend a company to use? I'm just off the a3 halfway between guildford and Portsmouth but am quite willing to go a reasonable distance if the company is particularly good. Also I anyone has any ideas what is going on it would be appreciated. I have had the box replaced before and I also had the gearbox ecu inspected and reconditioned but the issue keeps on appearing. Many thanks Peter
  7. Hi im looking for a set of A8 alloys preferably with tyres - which incidentally i have no idea what size tyres will fit my 2006 A8 4.2tdi. If anyone could direct me i would be VERY grateful!!! Thanks, Tim
  8. Hi Guys I'm afraid I'm having to sell my awesome A8 4.2Q due to the arrival of a company car next month - a BMW 730d M-Sport, which I have to say is better than the new 2011 A8. Its advertised on Autotrader for £6985, but I'm looking for no less than £6500. See below: 2003 AUDI A8 4.2 Quattro 4dr Tip Auto Saloon Its nearly 78k miles, and has been maintained almost exclusively from Audi main dealers. It recently had the ECU and MMI updates by an Audi main dealer. Its been very well looked after and I have a lot of paperwork/receipts. Its in excellent condition and has the 19" RS type wheels. Email me if you're interested, or better still, contact me using the telephone number on the Autotrader ad. I had advertised it for more recently and posted a thread here a month ago but I guess I need to accept that these awesome cars arent worth as much nowadays. Atif
  9. Anyoine know where I can buy replacement wiper blades for my 2007 Audi A8 Quattro Sport? There seems to be lots available up until 2003 . . . .but no one stocks anything for my car . . ..
  10. Gearbox Issues

    Hi all. I bought a 2001 3.7 A8 with 80,000 on the clock about 5 weeks ago and have no end of problems with the gearbox. A week after getting the car the gearbox went into safe mode, then seized completly. Went back to the garage in croydon that i got it from and he got it transferred to a local gearbox specialist to sort and was in there for around a week. ( they said that 2 cogs were actually welded together) Had a new gearbox installed and about a week later it went again, went back to the gearbox specialists as they had given me a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. 2 weeks on and after countless phone calls chasing them up its still not sorted!! Basicly they re-did the gearbox again, then found that there was somethinig wrong with part of the loom. After sorting that they tried to clear the fault codes off the car so i could have it back, however they couldnt because the car wouldnt let them! They then found that they had forgotten to plug something in so back out came the box again. Sorted that, put it back in and still wouldnt clear the codes so it went across to Audi to be looked at, Audi found that some part that plugs onto the loom ( they did tell me but i cant remember what it was) was faulty and that was why the gearbox was burning out. so got that part and put it in, which meant the box was out again. Now that that is done, yesterday i had them call me and say that while testing the car it was pissing oil out of the gearbox! Reason apparently is the oil pump in the gearbox has to put a manufacturers original part, not a cheaper version. So as it stands now they have ordered the new pump from Audi, which has to come from germany as they have none in the uk and that could take up to 10 days to arrive! So they will have had the car at their garage for longer than i've had it!!! Has anyone ever heard of these problems?? Many Thanks Pete
  11. Hello, I've not been lurking on this board for a while, and have recently had to replace my '99 D2 A8 after a lady randomly drove into the side of me and wrote it off :-( Anyway, I took the opportunity to trade up to an 05 A8. It has had the firmware updated so that TMC works, but when I asked the dealership whether they could install the newest firmware, and whether that would enable 3D maps on the navi system they were a bit vague. They will install firmware updates, but would charge about £200. They said that they didn't know if that would enable the 3D map view, but they doubted it because my car is likely to be too old to have supported hardware. Now, I'm not going to spend £200 for an Audi technician to feed a disk in my CD player and wait for two hours if it doesn't actually provide any more functionality so ... How can I find out what firmware updates could be applied to my car, and what functionality I could enable? Dww
  12. First Audi a8??????

    hey, im new to the forum and would like your views on the audi a8, i recently got offered a 4.2 98' but think it will be too thirsty so im now looking for a 2.8. Ive seen a 99' with 142k on the clock, facelift model (black) for £2495 (is this a reasonable price?) I have heard a flaw with the a8 can be gearbox troubles? any comments would be much appreciated, alex
  13. You have upto £25,000 to spend...

    Yes you, with your experience of an A8 have upto £25,000 to spend on an A8. What model and what features would you go for and why? I only ask as I am looking a buying an A8 and your experience of this car could be really helpful so thanks for your help. Also, what problems would you look for and lastly, if you know a good place to buy one that would be brilliant.