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Found 1 result

  1. selling A8

    I have a V Reg A8 2.8 reg is V895 Ewe. three years ago i put it into a back street garage for an oil change, when i got it back the idiot said i changed the oil sender and now the low oil light comes on once you rev the car. i asked him why he changed theb oil sender as i had not asked him to do this. he had no answer except to say if i put the car back in he would fit a genuine audi one.He did this and the light and warning still comes on.i wanted to brak his legs but he was bigger than me ,and i would have got arrested. He said that the presure was not low and the car would drive ok, (which It did) as i had a trip to france towing a caravan to do,I bought another car and the Audi has been on my drive for two years. i have started the engine every couple of weks and drove it up and down the drive. It had a new MOT when i parked it up so there may not be much wrong with it to get a new one.thetyres are good and had not been on the car that long.the paint work on the one side wing and door ha peeled,it must of had a blow over at some time. The car has a tipronic gearbox, with the tiptronic stering wheel . A panasonic sat Nav and DVD player is fitted.The car should be able to drive away. The wife says i must get rid of it so does anyone want to make me an offer. i will take some photos this weekend ,and post them.I will be putting it up for sale on Ebay, but its only on here for now. contact details phone 07775848121, the car is close to junction 27 M4