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My Audi A3 is not well.

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I have this problem, over the last two weeks during the first 5-10 mins of driving, my nearside Xenon light would flicker if I accelerate and turning a right or break the light would flicker, its getting worse on bumpy roads or flat roads.

Yesterday driving out of the car park at work the light flickered and then was no more, the dash reported dipped beam failure, oh no I thought this will be costly, as Audi would prob say the bulbs gone and not covered under warrenty. I turned the lights off and back on the bulb came back to life, is this normal?

What my question is when a Xenon bulb goes does it not work at all or does it come back on and off?

This morning the light started to flicker again, so its booked in to Audi to have this checked out.

list of items to be done.

1.Xenons to be looked at for flickering problem.

2. Two software updates, sorry I cant remember the numbers.

3. Drivers windows, the glass has got a vertical scratch about 2" - 3" wide multiple lines as if something has been rubbing on the glass from whitin the door when it is being used.

4. The engine can sound very loud when cold or when I accelerate cold it sounds loud clanging sounds.

5. I was told by Audi i need them to check the software version on the car to see which type of Cruise control i need fitting, the parts guy said there is two different types the cruise control unit and if they fit the wrong one, it will not work, not sure if this is true any advise?

is this normal for a car this age 17K miles? I have searched the Forum and have read other has suffered the Xenon Problems too.

any comments are welcome.

will update after visit to Dealers on Thurdays

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I had a problem in my R32, I was advised that it was the buld hat had potentially lost some of its gas and was needing replacement. It could be that as it was only happening in really cold mornings or nights.

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