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3.0si Manual VS 3.0i Automatic...

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Hey guys and gals...

Met up this morning with a forum member to repair his broken rear spring! All went well but I found it a little hard to do than my si for some reason, the arm didnt seem to want to give way like the si one did! Anyways, all was completed in a couple of hours...

Had a little drive in the i to make sure all was well! Then had a mega picture session to see the difference in ride height, the i was obviously more comfortable!!! I'll try get a how to guide up soon so if anyone is wanting to replace their springs they can...

Anyways, once all the tools were away we decided we'd see the difference in performance...

Basically, the auto had the advantage setting off, but the two were quite evenly matched to about 60, mid range the si was stronger! All in all the differnce was marginal!!!

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