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Please read this, a few pointers re: posts here

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Note : Re change to 'Holiday Place' from Snowstuff

I'll happily add advice to this that people think suitable. I have locked it so that we can keep it a nice and simple (for now).....

[/ QUOTE ]

Please take plenty of piccies and write it up when you get back !

General Travel

If you are going somewhere exotic, you might want to check :



W.H.O. : Communicable diseases


Nothing too heavy here, We would like you all to bear the following things in mind when posting routes for others to inviestigate or advice etc.:

1, Just because others are skiing off piste, it does not mean it's safe to do so.

2, Please can you make it clear if a route or run you are suggesting is Off Piste (Some peoples insurance may not be valid). Please also give some appraisal of the most difficult / steepest / exposed pitch on a route and any general advice (E.g. very exposed in a North wind so don’t attempt). Please explain any difficult navigation or critical lifts required to complete the route. And any really nasty bits.

3, Please ensure you have the skills to attempt any of the route(s) documented here, if in doubt ask a local guide to take you / for advice.

4, Please ensure it is safe to Ski/ride off Piste before doing so, there are some simple ground rules, but remember its dangerous out there

5, Guides may be expensive, but they will reduce the risk of you <font color="red"> not </font> coming back.

6, Go for it

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