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PD170 and PD140 stutter problem now FIXED!

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We are proud to announce that we have found the underlying cause, and fixed the age old PD170 stutter issue!

Those with a PD170, whether standard, remapped or with DPF removed can now enjoy the full potential of their car without an annoying stutter every time the accelerator is pressed.

This issue has been plaguing many PD170 owners for so long that we can't remember, with maps from many different providers and even on 100% standard cars.

Various threads have been posted and many theories have been discussed, most prominently the EGR gasket fix that has a smaller diameter hole. Sometimes this works but unfortunately not always. We can now say that we have 100% fixed this issue with no hardware modifications required, no EGR gaskets and no messing around!

This fix will be applied in all our PD170 maps and if any of our customers are affected (I only know of 2) then an update will be applied free of charge. Anyone wishing to discuss switching to one of our maps from another provider, or book in for their free update can call 01623 332233.

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