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MX-5 - sensitivity to tyres and wheel weights

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When I bought my '5 it had a set of the hollow-spoke lightweight multi-spoke wheels on it, shod with Yokohama A-drive tyres.

I didn't do many miles on this combination, as the tyres were looking a bit too worn for track days, so I bought a set of wheels from an early MkII shod with Pirelli P6000s.

I've done a few track days on the P6000s now, and although I was never 100% happy with them, they're not the ditch finders they're often accused of.

Fast forward to today, and I had a set of Uniroyal RainExperts fitted to the lightweight wheels and swapped them onto the car.

Just been out on a run in the mountains - what a transformation. The ride is more compliant, the grip levels are up, and when it does start to go, it's very progressive.

Remains to be seen how they work on the track - but I suspect they'll be fine.

Mrs Twinspark's Alfa will need a new pair of fronts soon, so I reckon we'll give the Uniroyals a go on that, too.

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