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Need help with my A5 Spec!!

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Hello to you all,

After a massive shortlist of vehicles I would like to change to, I have chosen the A5. I have had a test drive and very happy with how the car drives etc..

However, I am not looking to buy a brand new A5 and again created a shortlist of ex demonstrators from the Audi UK website.

I have had quite a few cars in my time which have always had a manual transmission and a petrol engine.

I test drove an S-Tronic 3.0TDI which was quite impressive and with that I would now consider a change of gearbox and engine if need be.

My current search is based on a facelifted Grey A5 3.0TDI Quattro S-Tronic but my preference is still with a manual and petrol.

I cover on average around 25,000 miles per year which consists of mostly

motorway driving so I suppose it makes sense to look at a diesel right?

So a few questions I would like to ask are:

1. I do like a car that performs well so would a 2.0TDI with a remap be just as

good as a stock 3.0TDI? (I do prefer the exhaust configuration on the 3.0 and there are more 2.0TDI's on the Audi UK site with the spec that I am looking for)

2, Will I see a return vs the petrol with UK diesel prices at a record high?

3. Is it time to ditch manuals and look at the S-tronic or is the manual still a good option in the A5?

4. I have read mix reviews on the B&O sound system and wondering whether to find a car without it. I have upgraded Alpine audio equipment which I can add to the standard A5 system which may be better than the B&O. Is that a good idea?

5. Are there any optional extras that you recommend should be on the car?

Thank you in advance..

From a soon to be A5 driver!

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What do you drive at the moment? And what is your driving style?

The 3.0 TDi is a fab 6 cylinder engine and you will notice the difference in both sound/noise and ooomph if you drop to the 2.0 TDi. You'll get a droning noise from the 4 cylinder (quiet drone, bit still a drone)

Mainly motorways, means you could potentially get close to the euro mpg figures for both petrol and diesel (again depends upon your driving style and journey).

Not sure about S-Tronic v manual, as I haven't driven an S-tronic.

Same with the sound.

Others will be along with more info!

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Personally I`d rule out the 2.0tdi...I had two long test drives in an Audi A5 3.0tdi s-tronic...fab car...and I `d definitely take the auto over the manual....The A5 2.0tfsi drinks fuel...if you check out the A5 forum you`ll discover most owners average 25-30mpg(some owners report heavy oil usage as well....which Audi considers normal)......The 3.0tdi seems to average 35-40+mpg....The deisel has bags of mid-range punch and is very refined.....I think there have been some issues with the clutch and fly wheel on the manual 3.0tdi.

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