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Front brakes

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Bought new pads and discs for my V8 A8.

£150 from Murray's VAG parts shop in Hatfield.

They know their stuff.


I went in to collect them and there is 1 discs in each box.  Feck me!  They weigh a ton!

Pads were heavy too.


Last weekend I went to fit them, but I could not get the caliper holders off to replace the discs.  The pads were dowbn beyond the warning cable (which were broken), so I had to replace just the pads.


This weekend, I borrowed my mate's breaker bar and it only took 30 mins to replace the discs.  They are huge and they are heavy!


And even without them having been bedded in, I can feel the difference already.  Much better braking - I can see I'll be stopping on a sixpence soon.

I have the twin piston model, compared to my previous A8 with single pistons.



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