Resetting/Recreating a Standard User Win Account?

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TLDR: I want to delete the kids' user accounts on the PC and recreate them without having Win remember any settings it currently has for either account.

Granted simplest solution would just be create 2 new account with new names but atm everyone has an account with their own name and it'd be nice to preserve this.


Longer version:

Trying to do some clean-up prep prior to Win10 upgrade on my main pc
I've got limited user accounts for my children. I previously had the family safety setup with lots of limits for stuff.
It was incredibly restrictive and as their use of machines matured I eventually got rid of it, being sure to reverse all the restrictions before I did but somewhere embedded deep in their users (or perhaps just related to limited users?) some restrictions persist including not being able to open "imported" word docs and issues with PDFs
In some cases I have to import a word doc to my account, open it, save it to their account and then they can open it (or even cut and paste it to a new doc opened locally!)

Anyway I want to create brand new users and delete these ones but of course if prefer if their accounts kept their names.
Win seems to remember user names though and keep settings etc.

Anyway I can recreate a new account for child 1 and child 2 but make Win forget any safety settings it's refused to release?
Otherwise account will have to be nicknames etc

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Tried deleting the profile and user account folders?   Assume the settings will be stashed in the registry somewhere, be very careful if you embark on editing, search for the lockdown application name to start with and see how you get on. 

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1 hour ago, Hopsta said:

Tried deleting the profile and user account folders?   

yes - and then whenever I create a new account with the same name the settings still seem to be there.

What is the lockdown application.

Hope I can nail this in the next couple days before I do the last minute win10 upgrade

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Okay previously I only deleted the accounts not the profiles as you described above.
This time I did that - deleted the profiles (and click delete the files); reboot; created new profiles with same name, reboot - and the folders and files are all there again :angry:

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