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Hi All

For the last few weeks I have had issues with the boot lid not catching shut, took the liner off the inside of the boot lid, removed the locking mechanism and took the cover off.

The internal pin that opens the catch was not fully retracted stopping the lock from shutting properly. the motor inside the boot catch was not retracting the pin fully, 

so thought in might be a problem with the electrical connector (3 pin model) removed the terminals from the plastic connector and cleaned them.

But it is still not letting the boot latch properly close causing the warning to show on the dash. It seams to work intermittently, it worked fine after cleaning the electrical connector, but the next day opened the boot with the handle and it wont lock in place again.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated. 

Audi A4 2005 
2.0 TDI Saloon

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This used to happen with my previous A8.  It would not close when the weather got below 5 deg or so.

Really had to slam it down, and carefully check it was closed.  Sometimes it felt it was only just catching.

Occasionally, it would flash up on the dash when half way down the road!

Oiled it, tried adjusting the catches and boot height...


In the end, I changed the car.............  As it wasn't a show stopper - was annoying.

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Thanks for the reply


I fixed it in the end took the latch off the car removed the motor cover and took out the pin with the spring on it and crushed the end of the spring a little.

And now it works fine

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