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Basic help. Been a while since I've used it. Done everything on ppt for Mac but have access to  win office 2016 and when I present it will likely be on a win machine, if it makes a difference?

written a talk.  I have made all the slides and formatted the layout so the title and text boxes etc are all consistent between slides (with the basic black text on white background).

I want to add a design to it, but it completely screws it up. The title bars are all different sized and the text starts in different places with different sizes even when I have a slide with (say) the top half all the same but the bottom text different between 2 slides.

anyway to apply a design but preserving layout? Or do I have to start a new ppt with the theme and copy each slide into it? I think there is an option (on win office at least?) to paste with formatting and layout preserved?

ive even looked in master slide but have no idea how to transpose one layout on another...:(

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I ought to know that but I don't. Creating Powerpoint slides always seems to become a battle of wills between me and "it" to achieve consistent font sizes *and* the amount of text I want on a particular slide! I think the only way I've ever used a design is by starting with a template including that design to begin with. There *must* be a way to add one without buggering up the whole presentation... surely?!

Not much help - but let us know if you get the answer! 

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It was easier as a junior presenting to grand rounds as I could use my custom garish Hermes staff design.

Having to pre-decide the design before you know the direction the presentation might take seems a bit daft :uhoh:

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