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Not Your Day Mate....

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Walking through the woods one day a man comes spots another man hugging a tree with his ear pressed firmly against the trunk.

Seeing this he inquires, "Excuse me - this is just out of curiosity, but what are you doing?"

The man replies "I'm listening to the music of the tree."

"You've got to be kidding me?"

"No ,would you like to give it a try?"

"Well, OK..."

So he wraps his arms around the tree and presses his ear up against the tree's trunk.

With this the other guy slaps a set of handcuffs on him, takes his wallet, jewellery, car keys, then strips him naked and leaves.

He starts calling for help but it's a fairly remote place and it's two hours before another man comes by.

The new guy sees our man handcuffed to the tree, stark naked and asks, "What happened to you?"

He tells the guy the whole story about how he got there and how he's been robbed.

While he was doing this the new guy shakes his head and "Tut's" in sympathy walks around behind him, kisses him behind the ear and whispers. "Well I guess this just isn't your lucky day.... sweetie."

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Hell - if I'm boring you I'll stop! frown.gif

As it happens I'm covering nights tonight so I'm away in just under an hour...

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