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MkV Gti advice needed

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Collected my new Gti last Friday (ordered end of Feb) and so far its even better than I remember from the test drive. Coming from an RX8, the power is just so much more useable, although i've only done 200 miles so still running it in. Its also more refined than the RX8, which suffered from alot more road noise and didn't smooth out bumps as much. I went for the steel grey and was a bit worried as it seemed to look "flat" in photos, but in the flesh it looks great 169144-ok.gif Pics to follow shortly.

A few questions:

1 there are no storage drawers under the front seats. I thought these were standard?

2 the stereo is crap. I didn't go the soundpack, just the RCD 500. has anyone got the dealer fit speaker upgrade and if so is it an improvement?

3 it might be me being daft, but what is the correct tyre pressure?

4 the glove compartment is not perfectly aligned with the dash. It sits in a bit. is this normal?

5 how long is the running in period?

6 there is a fair bit of wind noise around the front doors. Anyone else notice this?


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1. It was on the options list

2. Depend what you compare it too. I had a Type-R before and it's better than that but nowehere near as good as what I had in a Lexus IS200.

3. I think it's 2.4 bar - it's on the petrol flap

4. I think mine's the same - i'll check and let you know

5. I think it's about 800 miles, it's in the manual.

6. Mine too, I guess it's a design flaw.

Cheers, Neil.

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