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After just two days of driving through Mexico, Steve was sick and tired of its native inhabitants.

"They hate Americans," he told his wife, "and I swear - the next one I see, I'm going to make that son of a bitch suffer!"

As it happened, Steve's anger was such that he didn't look where he was going, and crashed into the rear of a pickup truck driven by a brawny Mexican farmer.

The man got out from his truck, eyed the damage, walked over to Steve's car and leaned in through the window. "Hey grriiinnngo - why you heet my truck?" he asked.

"Because I can't stand you, or any other Mexican grease balls!" Steve ranted. "In fact, if you're man enough, I'm going to come out and kick the [censored] out of you!"

The Mexican motioned Steve out of his vehicle, "I make a deel weetch you," he said. "If you ween, you take my trock. If I ween, not only do I shag your wife, but you weel hold my balls to keep them off the hot road." Both men agreed and fought.

Later, Steve was smiling as he and his wife drove off. "I told you I'd make some Mexican suffer!" he gloated.

His wife looked at him in shock. "What the hell are you talking about?!" she bellowed.

Steve smiled. "Didn't you hear how he screamed when I dropped his nuts on the tarmac?!"

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