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Topical but useless facts.......

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Ive just spent the last week driving the beast 'very sensibly' indeed, not racing through the gears, braking in time and using my gears correctly - acting like a proper gent of the highway...... ECLIPSe.gif

This restrained type of driving has led to some surprising readouts on the DIS.

First off, I normaly drive some 90-100 miles per day, all on 'A' roads.

So last week I filled up, reset the DIS and off I go.

6 days later we have the following info when the fuel warning light come on.

Miles driven: 627

Time driving: 13hrs 24mins

Average speed: 48mph

Average mpg: 49mpg

13hrs driving time on one tank of fuel crazy.gif.

Is this a record ! UHOH7.GIF

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