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Got my car back!!

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Just picked up my car from the bodyshop where it was for repairs after my trashing (and crashing) some days ago. I brought it on monday this week and now its ready.

Totally like new.

Fresh paint everywhere (except the roof).

Quality repair.

Now i have to wait a couple of weeks until the paint is fully hardened until i can do the 3 stage mequiars.

Everything still works (all the speakers and stuff).

Nice thing is also that they didnt drive with the car (only a couple of kms, i guess to check for rattles).

I am very very happy!

Now i can fit my AMD DV and the bulbs i won in the competition at ASN.

I really missed my car, I had a Renault Laguna 1.6 16v RXI as a loaner car...... ohhh how much i appreciate my car again.... jump.gifjump.gifjump.gifjump.gifjump.gifjump.gif

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i will try to have a little less fun in the future.

too much fun (after go-karting) got the car messed up in the first place.


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