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Name and shame - VW dealers to avoid

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You have been far to patient.

You should have been in shouting at them (not swearing though). You should have had a courtesy car from them all along - no hire car rubbish at your expense.

I am surprised you were that patient!

I'd go and wait in the showroom until your cheque appears. Shouting at people in there. They'd soon manage to print/write a cheque.

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Just thought I'd add my 2p on this old thread. I recently took my Seat Altea to Gilbert Lawton to have a brakelight fixed and a tempermental interior courtesy light looked at (from reading around what I now know is a Mk5-Polo-style interior light faulty microswitch button contacts issue causing it to fail to turn on on door opening). As this is my nearest dealership I used this to "test the waters" of their customer service as I intend to service my car soon and also buy a new Golf or Scirocco in the next year or so.

I was charged the sum of £25 for this work:

i) My interior light was looked at and assessed as needing a new unit but appeared to be fixed now temporarily.

ii) My rear right bulb was replaced.

iii) My car was courtesy cleaned.

On collecting my car I complained about the £25 charge as the internal light actually wasn't now working (despite temporary prognosis) and TBH I didn't believe they'd actually looked at it (but this is my view, not a statement of fact). They were non negotiable on the £25 as they said they'd investigated, but graciously said they'd take it off the £75 cost of fitting a new courtesy light - ha!

Over the last few 2 weeks:

i) I received a spam text and letter from them, despite explicitly ticking no spam boxes AND asking the clerk at the desk to confirm I wouldn't get any.

ii) The new rear bulb blew approximately 2 days later (looks like it could have been a fingerprint/heat handling problem or old bulb*)

iii) My car and importantly the glass is covered in cleaning swirls - I had always handwashed. I can't confirm this is Gilbert Lawton but hadn't noticed them before.

* I learnt how to replace this myself and read instructions on how you should not touch these bulbs as the fingerprints heat up and cause the bulb to burn out prematurely. My replacement has been working fine now for a week.

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