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  1. VW Amorak

    Come on then you shits
  2. VW Amorak

  3. VW Amorak

    My point is the styling-it looks American from the back, but up front it's typical dull bland German styling. I just don't understand at all.
  4. VW Amorak

    Why oh why have they got this swell truck so wrong? It is half right-from the back it looks amazing, American, massive. The first time I saw one from behind I thought it was an American import pickup. But the front is oh so typically VW bland!? Dude, seriously!? That front end wouldn't look out of place on a Golf or a Passat!
  5. Introduction

    I came back because it's all water underneath the bridge six years later. And to see what people make of me now.
  6. Introduction

    I just took that photograph in good humour to try and fit in with the lads, in good faith.
  7. Introduction

    I demand that photograph be removed permanently from this website.
  8. Introduction

    So is all forgiven now?
  9. Introduction

    No but I may be hanging out of some non human mammals
  10. Does anyone enjoy driving in the UK (anymore)

    Last time I had a car (a Peugeot) I enjoyed driving. I don't have a car at the moment but I have a bike and I enjoy biking. Although, hooliganing opportunities are emphasized on a bike which makes it way more fun. Edit: Kent is my area too.
  11. Introduction

    Hello guys, just making a little introduction thread here. I am new to this forum, having never heard of it before. Surprising considering the name, it's quite a good one! So what's the deal around here?