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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, i just got the Audi S3 cabrio 2015 model. When i go on bumps, i hear a strong knocking sound in the back. First i thought the back seats were not locked well but they were. Anyone faced a similar problem? My left rear tyre was also making sounds and now i got a message on the dashboard that it lost pressure. I am not sure if the two are linked.
  2. audi S3 5 e1348179967468

    Red Audi s3
  3. audi S3 parigi 2012 16

    Red Audi S3
  4. S3 revo clutch upgrade

    First post and sorry if covered elsewhere but I have not uncovered anything when searching the forum: Anybody with experience of running revo stage 2+ on the S3 with advice on clutch upgrade? (mine a 2009 car) I've run stage 2 for about 8k miles and starting to get mild clutch slip so looking ahead to replace (car now on 26k miles). Want to move to stage 2+ so need to make sure the clutch is up to it. Have had different advice re the need for replacing flywheel etc and how this will effect the 'feel' of the clutch vs life of clutch. Any views/ advice would be appreciated. Thanks J
  5. Hi, I have a 2003 S3 and am having trouble changing a bulb in the rear right light cluster. I have managed to un-attach the bulb holder from inside the boot (holds 4 bulbs) but i don't have the room to pull it out so I can actually put a new bulb in. There is some Bose stero equipment mounted there that gets in the way and i can't see how it can be removed. Do I perhaps have to remove the lens cluster from the outside? The guides i've managed to see on this forum seem to show a different setup - perhaps the A3 is different from S3? Any help would be gratefullt received. Thanks Peter
  6. Ok here`s the problem. My S3 accelerates fine in 1th to 3 third gear with full throttle. But when im in 4 - 6th gear the car holds back when im around 2000 - 3000RPM. But if i bearly hold the trottle inn the car builds up but it still holds back on a higher RPM sometimes.. If i put my foot all the way down it just "holds back":ffs: I tried unplugging the MAF and i can`t say that i noticed any difference. I connected the VAG but didn`t find any useful codes that could lead to the problem. Could this be a hose problem or? And what kind of hoses should i change if thats the case. Do the best out of my english!
  7. S3 (52 plate) Current Drain

    I have had an Audi S3 (52 plate) since new but since moving to the Isle Of Man have started to experience problems with a periodic flat battery if I leave the car for 2 weeks or so without driving it. It is fair to say that the longest journey I do over here is only about 30 minutes duration so the battery doesn't get the charging time that it used to in the UK, but nobody else seems to be experiencing this problem over here. I have had the car into several garages who can find no fault. The battery was replaced a few months but now I have the same problem again. I tried checking the current draw on each fuse to see if I could detect any obvious problem. Some circuits registered a small current but this is to be expected to run the electronics in standby, alarm etc. Has anyone else experienced anything similar or can give me any advice as to what current I should expect to see drawn on each circuit, for comparison purposes. The fuse circuits which registered non-zero currents with the car standing idle were as follows: (fuse#) 12 - Onboard diagnosis, reading lights, alarm 355mA (all lights off when meas. taken) 15 - Instrument Cluster, Central locking 10mA 16 - Magnetic Clutch / Water Pump 128 micro amps 17 - Heated door locks 55 micro amps 28 - Fuel pump 1.2mA 30 - Sunroof 48mA 32 - Engine Management 0.5mA 37 - Radio 4mA 48 - Luggage Compartment 38mA Cheers, Robin
  8. Hello, My S3 is wanting a service in a few hundred miles, so need to find the best place in my area to take it. I have a choice of: Stratford Audi (Listers) Worcester Audi Parklands Audi @ Gloucester Birmingham Audi Coventry Audi All are pretty much the same mileage from me, so any recommendations welcome. What's the chances of getting a half way decent courtesy car for the day ? I.e. not your run of the mill A3 diesel... Thanks! Andrew