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Found 1 result

  1. Car details below wall of text. So I have this strange problem with my golf 3, it wont start unless I help it by placing my foot on the accelerator. If I don't the engine will start-up right away BUT once I release the key from the starting position, it will cut out. If I run the starter for about 15 seconds, the engine sometimes wont cut out. I have noticed, that unlike other golf's and polo's the revs react pretty slow to starting. Normally once the starter turns on the engine, the revs respond (instant) by climbing to around 1800 rpm (correct me if I'm wrong) and then drop down to around 11-1200 rpm while coolant is below a certain temperature (40-50 Celsius). My car starts responding after about 10-15 seconds if I keep the starter running. The work around for this is for me now, is using the accelerator, while starting. problem 2: which is probably somewhat related to the first problem? My stationary idle is different from my moving idle. (This makes traffic jams more of a pain then they already are...) What I mean with this, is that at a full stop, it idles smoothly at 600 rpm, once I start moving (at 3±1 km/h, yes I have tested it.. don't ask) the revs shoot up to around 1100 rpm then drop down to 950 and stay there. This happens in neutral, in gear with the clutch panel pressed, and while slowly driving away only using the clutch. When I am already moving and I press the clutch, the revs will slowly go down to 950 rpm, until I hit that magic 3 km/h and they will drop down to 600 rpm... I am not a car mechanic, I'm a physicist, but I have some experience in working on cars and I own VCDS-lite. My first guess was throttle body related issues, I tested it, the thing was far from perfect, so I replaced it with a brand new one and performed basic settings (this fixed a common problem, that the rev needle would keep wobbling AKA hunting for gas). The curious thing is, once I perform basic settings, the idle problem goes away completely for a few days(starting problems persist though). This means, that whatever speed I'm driving my car, it always idles nicely at 600 rpm. A couple of days later I start it, and I can already tell by how it behaves while starting that my idle problems have returned... so I drive it, till the coolant reaches about 40-50 degrees Celsius (since below that temperature the idle is always higher than 950) and of course the difference in stationary idle and moving idle has returned.... replaced: throttle body (and o-ring), spark plugs, spark plug leads, rotor and distribution cap (yes I've put the leads back in the correct order), thermostat, thermostat housing and sensor, coolant, oil, oil pressure sensor, catalytic converter (at a licensed garage), water pump and timing belt (also in a garage, didn't have time to do it myself). Also removed rust from all negative leads and contacts I could find, reattached them and repainted. Make: VW Golf mk3 Model: 1.6 CL Year: 1996 Engine: AEE Engine Code: AEE 090 993 ECU: Marelli 1AV 1949 Mileage: 262xxx Km Sorry for the wall of text, I have pretty bad ADHD so I hope my story makes some sense, I hope someone has a clue and can help me, because I'm at loss here. (I hope I covered everything, since this is the 2de time I had to type all of this, because the website gave me an error while posting)