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Found 4 results

  1. First day of driving my first car, I was parked up with my car idling and I noticed in my mirror that my car was emitting a lot of fumes (bareing in mind it was warm out). I started to notice and strong smell of petrol, took no notice of it initially. Then my exhaust emissions warning light came on and my car began to struggle to stay on. I just turned the engine off and thought nothing of it. When I went to pull off, I noticed the car was being very sluggish and struggling to provide any power, I began to go up a steep hill and it became really apparent that something was wrong. The car hardly made it up the hill, was very jolty and the power felt like it kept coming on then cutting off. I pulled up once I made it up the hill and the warning light began to flash. The car continued to struggle to stay alive so I just turned it off and waited. I let the engine cool down, but no luck. Would really appreciate if someone could please advice what maybe wrong with my car. And the appox cost of what the repairs maybe. I only brought the car today, which has left me with little money as you can imagine. It was working brilliant until this happened. :confused: Thanks for reading Regards, Shane
  2. Hi Guys, I have a 2002 S8 and for some reason when a I give it the full bananas on the accelerator the headlight level warning light comes on.... and then goes out. Anyone experienced this before? Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers Peter
  3. Got an 04 2.0 TDI and was out yesterday lunchtime and had to brake heavily, although not so much that I felt the judder of the ABS working. Parked the car went shopping returned to made my way to the office without any problems. But when I started up later that day after work the ABS and brake warning lights flashed up ans stayed on all the way home. This happened before over a year ago after some heavy braking , but cleared after restarting the car the next day. Also had a similar thing happen with my previous Mrk4 Golf TDI, again clearing itself after restarting. But this morning I still had the warning lights on, although brakes appear to be fine and I only got it services 3 weeks ago. Anyone else had this happen after heavy braking? Any ideas short of heading to a stealer! :/ Thanks
  4. Coolant Warning on A4 Avant 1.8t

    Driving home late last night on the motorway the coolant warning came on. We were just pootling along at about 65 - 70. The temp gauge went up to about 100 ish on the slight up hills and dropped when going downhill. I checked there is plenty of liquid in the tank. Any ideas ?