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Found 20 results

  1. Hi Everyone... I'm just after some advice on a 2012 A4 2.0TDIe Technik I'm looking at this weekend. This will be the 1st time I've seen the car, took a similar model for a test drive last weekend. Just wondered if there is anything I should be on the lookout for with this model? I'm getting it from an Audi dealer so it's "Audi Approved". Are there any common problems that I should be on the lookout for when I go to see it tomorrow? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers
  2. Hi guys, New to the forum, bear with me. I have a 2.0L Manual A4 B7 platform. It has a temperamental problem with the reverse lights. They only occasionally come on as they should. When they do work they cut in and out every 1-2 seconds. This is with me having the gearbox in reverse constantly. I read on a couple of forums that it may be the Reverse Light Sensor / Switch. I had this part changed yesterday and now it seems the lights are not coming on at all! Please can somebody with experience in this help me out with any solutions or ideas. Much appreciated.
  3. Hello, I have an 1999 Audi A4 1.8Ts and has some issues with the lights in the dashboard that says temperature or gallons per mile ect... When I bought the car the light in the dashboard was weak and got weaker as I drove the car, now there's no light at all. All other lights works, such as light to the speedometer, tachometer, clock, etc. Highly appreciate if anyone knows what might be the problem. (I'm so sorry for my bad English)
  4. 1.8 T FSI 120ps thoughts

    Anyone got or tried one of the A4's in the 120 ps variety? I've noticed the majority of the 1.8 TFSI's for sale are the 120 instead of the 160 Just wondering if anyones got an input on how gutless they are or aren't
  5. New s line bumper needed!!

    Hi all I've got a 2006 (b7) a4 cabriolet. It started life as a sport but the guy who had it before me put an aftermarket s line kit on it then the other day driving down the road a rock flicked up by a truck smashed my fog light and grill that houses it and as its aftermarket and don't know where it was from I can't replace the grille, I priced a new s line bumper from Audi and it's £400 unpainted which I can't afford so does anyone have any idea where I can get maybe another aftermarket bumper as I can't seem to find an affordable one anywhere! Your help would be. Much appreciated. Chris
  6. Hi, Picked up a 2002 Quattro Avant recently and working away on a few jobs to get it on the road. One is causing me heart ache. The bracket that holds the front wiper linkage to the car has sheared - and I'm keen to get a replacement if I can. Anyone know what the part number might be? Here's the parts in place (currently working via a trusty cable tie...) I don't think this is part of the wiper motor linkage kit you can get and there's no sign of there being any from a breaker! HELP!
  7. A4 Avant 2003 rear wiper motor

    got some great help on the forum to get to my wiper and strip it down, but am now finding every time i put it back together and put the ignition on it just moves round to (presumably the wiper down mode) and then doesn't want to do more than that. It isn't the cogs getting stuck as it does this with only just the main plastic cog in place (blue in pic if i have uploaded it ok)(It always stops in the same place) - don't really want to have to fork out for a new unit as this one seems like it may be ok - but am stumped - anyone please help!?
  8. Hi - I am buying an A4 Cab (June 2009 2.0 TDI Final Edition) and will pick it up later this week. I was wondering whether anyone can help me with the following: 1. Is there a defined set of standards for the 'Approved Used' Audi. It would be good to have a look and see what the dealership should have complied with, so we know all is well. 2. It is fitted with a GSM phone prep (in the centre armrest). Is this bluetooth? or do I need to either find the right cradle for the phone or have a bluetooth unit fitted? There is no cradle installed at present. 3. It has the RNS-E Satelite Navigation plus. The software is 2009. Am I correct in thinking the 2010 software should have been out then? or will I need to buy new discs. Is there much a different between 09 and current versions? 4. For the RNS-E above I was thinking about having a reverse camera fitted. My wife is not confident with a larger car and this would improve her enjoyment of it. Is this relatively straightforward and does anyone know of an ICE Technican who could do this in or close to Birmingham? 5. and you all say finally I have got a set of Audi S5 chrome/aluminium mirrors. These are the ones with the clear LED indicators. Can these be fitted and made to fold electrically, or just too much hassle? Apologies for all the questions on my first posting. Just very excited to be getting the car and already thinking about how to improve and get the most out of it. All help and advice gratefully received.
  9. A4 central locking

    I know similar questions have been asked before but not sure if i have come across my exact answer. I have a 1996 (B5) A4 1.9TDi I already have central locking but am looking at installing an aftermarket remote central locking unit. can any one give me clues on wires and colours i need to look out for when installing this. i know where the central locking pump is located and this is a single vacum pump type. the system i am looking to install is the VT500TWL keyless entry system. Any help would be appreciated+++
  10. Mysterious Rattle

    :(Hi, I've got an A4 B7 Saloon, and i've noticed, when accelerating or braking hard, I can hear a rattle that sounds like its coming from the passenger side air vent. It's definately not something inside the glove box as it empty (although the glove box has been out a few times). It never used to make the noise when I got it, and i'm pretty sure I've not dropped anything into the small vent on top of the dashboard. My dad has a similar noise in his B6 A4 (the noise is in the same location) but his rattles when turning a sharp left or right. Both the sounds sound like a screw or plastic cap have been dropped into the vent. Has anybody else had these noises? Or does anyone know how to fix them? Cheers
  11. Hi and after some advice

    Hi, I've recently got a black 2008 B7 A4 S-Line SE 2.0 TDi Avant with the black optic pack and lots of goodies and love it but I'm after some advice on some tweaks... 1. Will the B7 RS4 brakes fit, if not are you aware of any aftermarket AP/Brembo kits? 2. Has anyone put the Milltek exhaust onto the 170 TDi and, if so, any chance of some pictures and sample of what it sounds like? Also, any other options instead of the Milltek - I've after an RS4-style oval. 3. My car has got satnav but not the Bose hi-fi upgrade, has anyone fitted the Bose amp and speakers to a car with satnav? thanks, Matt
  12. A4 Grille Upgrade

    Spot of homework last night ended with the creation of a few images to compare possible grille options. Thought id post them up to get your opinions and also allow others to benefit from the views when making similar decisions in the future. Photoshop skills aside I think I’ve got the options fairly close. with the possible exception of the blank number plate on two of the views and the retaintion of my Quattro badge on the new RS4 grille (slightly personal) I’ve pretty much decided to go with the Optic surround on my existing grille which will match the proposed Optic black window surround on the side windows, this is due to chrome deterioration. Also possibly a new filler panel for the number plate to match the new Optic surround. Final thought: A slight face life but nothing over the top. Next step will be to source said components, If anyone has previously travelled this road and has wisdom to part with, id be grateful. Regards Revert
  13. Audi A4 Interior Trim.

    Im trying to buy a New/Used Carbon Fibre, Brushed Aluminium Interior Trim and i cant find one can any one give me a site where they will sell me some. My Audi A4 Trim is scratched really badly and it makes the car Look Odd. Or if you can sell me some PM Me.
  14. ... and a clean pair of trousers ... a little explanation ... A4 3.0TDi (233) man 3yo+2 months, 72K ..few niggles but nothing serious to date. Pulled out of a side road onto dual carriageway - 1st gear, 2nd ..cough ..died. Chap in articulated truck bearing down on me at 60ish, just managed to get it onto verge as he thundered past. Impressive air horn! Glow plug light is flashing, nothing else. Switched off, switched on, dash says OK, started fine. Ideas appreciated please before a) it kills me or b)the stealer bankrupts me. (Thinking about it some more -there is a bit of possible history - maybe once a month it will give a little cough - like a misfire (but diesel!) - then carry on fine, no pattern to when this happens. Stealer never seen error code at service-i always ask)
  15. Has any other New avant owners experienced problems with their FM Radio reception? Mine is shoddy as you like, cant get any of the stations i would normally get apart from the big ones like Radio 1 and Radio 2 etc.. I have DVD NAV. When I test drove the B8 saloon (without DVD NAV) the reception was mint. Thanks
  16. Hi Everyone, I got rid of my S3 last year and now I’m in the market for an A4 Avant (2005 – 2008). Must be S-Line and well spec’ed with at least full leather. Ideally a 2.0T Quattro but anything with reasonable poke considered (eg. 3.2, 2.0TDi 170, 3.0TDi). I know you lads on here like to look after your motors so I’m after one in good condition with sensible mileage. I’m on Teesside but will travel for the right car. Please contact me if you think you have the right car for me…
  17. I know this is relatively simple, but can someone please explain how to change out the D1S headlamp bulbs on my 2005 A4? Any help would be cool...Thanks! Note: a4 not a5 :confused:-----
  18. Coolant Warning on A4 Avant 1.8t

    Driving home late last night on the motorway the coolant warning came on. We were just pootling along at about 65 - 70. The temp gauge went up to about 100 ish on the slight up hills and dropped when going downhill. I checked there is plenty of liquid in the tank. Any ideas ?
  19. Hello all, I am considering the Advanced Key (which gives you the Stop / Start button and the ability for the car to open the door for you as you approach and put your hand under the handle) and the Comfort Pack (which gives you the ability to use the Advanced Key to memorise all the driver positions for stuff like seat and mirrors). You get some memory capabilities, of course, without the Advanced Key and Comfort Pack but, in concert, you get slightly more personalisation with both it seems. So - for a car that would have two drivers (me and our lass) who would use it equally - does anyone have any experience of how the Advanced Key and Comfort Pack options would work if, for example, both I and my girlfriend were approaching the car from either side and I had my Advanced Key in my pocket, she had her Advanced Key in her handbag - how would the car know which of us was going to be the driver and, thus, set positions of the driver's seat and the mirrors accordingly? Is it clever enough to know which Advanced Key is closest to the right-hand-side of the car? Is there some kind of master / slave relationship with the keys, so it makes a decision if both keys are close by when people get into the car? Is it as simple as which Advanced Key it hooks onto first? Or which Advanced Key it connected to last? Does anyone know how the Audi A4 with Advanced Key and Comfort Pack works in this kind of common situation, especially in our house? What would be quite galling, it goes without saying, is buying a new A4 with Advanced Key and Comfort Pack and the car getting it wrong all the time - i.e. both I and the girlfriend approach the car at the same time - we both have our Advanced Keys about our person, I'm going to be the driver and the car thinks it should set the air con. to hot and the seat closer to the steering wheel... I know from experience, we do this a lot - we both go out and I drive there and she drives back - with a proper key it obviously has a good idea which person is in the driver's seat - with all this Bluetooth / RF / magic stuff - how does it work? In that scenario, if it could ever work like that, i.e. hit and miss, it would then become a really annoying option and one that I would regret. Does anyone have experience of this and can you reassure me about how it works if so? Cheers, DpM
  20. Hi All, I've just bought myself an 05 plate A4 3.0TDI Quattro S-line and am planning on doing a few upgrades.... I've read a few posts regarding the possibility of installing Cruise and the Trip Computer stalk and so i just wanted to clarify a few bits if possible... If i get a MultiFunction Steering Wheel, Cruise stalk, Trip Stalk, lower cowling, do i still need a SCSM (what is an SCSM)? Does anyone have any part numbers to hand and also the best place to buy them from (cheapest) :-) Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers Simon.