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Thinking of buying a Renault Megane R26 F1?

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Yesterday, I test drove a Renault Sport 225 Megane at Benfield Renault in Newcastle with the intention of getting an F1

The test drive itself was a mixture of urban and motorway driving to get the feel for a manual car again. However as with other marques I was not offered an unaccompanied test drive which IMO makes you feel more at ease and in fact Mrs F would have preferred so she could have driven the car.

When back at the dealership the saleman was obviously trying to get a sale and the pressure sale started to come on

Eldavo was in the area and popped in to look at the car.

He like myself and Mrs Fergy was then witness to the muscle of the sales management team. They turned up in force (3 of them to look at the A4) and kept pressurising and badgering me to do the deal.

After over 2 hours I did the deal paid my £200 deposit. The salesman confirmed I had time to change the car spec if I wanted as it had not been ordered

For various reasons 6 hours later I decided that this was not the deal for me. Having had time to reflect on the 'experience' it was unpleasant to say the least, in a dirty sales area and with poor management ethics.

At one point I rounded the corner when I caved in and the management were punching huddled together punching the air in what would appear to be the deal they had done on me.

After contacting the garage to inform them of my decision to cancel the deal, the salesman told me that I had lost my £200 deposit and in fact wanted me to pay the a further £200 for admin fees.


Telephoned Renault UK who said I should have a cooling off period. Faxed Benfield Renault and The Head Office in Newcastle tonight with my disatsifaction over the exeprience and the outcome More no doubt to follow.

To Summarise IMO if you are in the market for a Renault I would certainly think about going to any dealership other than Benfield Renault on Benfield Road Newcastle Upon Tyne

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If you were not happy with the deal, why give them a deposit? I am sure they did not hold a gun to your head and force you to sign the order.

Their sales tactics sound very poor and unprofessional though !

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