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A5 purchase and spec queries

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Hi, just come across the forum and am looking for some advise as I am 95% sold on a new A5 (Thanks to Dundee Audi). The spec I'm looking at is the 3.0l Q sport model, although I've read the ride quality is compromised in comparison to the standard model. Is this particularly noticeable and worth the 20mm less on the suspension and sports seats?

I've decided to opt for some extras and was just wondering what people's opinions of them were.

Y - spoke Alloys - personal preference. Look better than the standard ones I think.

DAB Digital Radio - Seems the way to go these days. The FM stations up this way are few and rubbish! Does this come with any additional graphical interface on the MMI similar to this clip, or is this specific for some other service not intended for the UK?

Sat Nav System Plus - This is the one that is really on the fence for me. Especially costing almost £2000 (equivalent of around 6 and a half TomTom Go 730's!) with it being a DVD based system, does this allow me to play movie DVD's? Can I add my own costom POI's via a memory card or disc etc? How much do the discs cost to upgrade? Who is the provider, Tele Atlas or Navteq?

Audi Hill-Hold Assist - Automatic handbrake basically?

Adaptive Lighting - Some friends say this is just a gimmick and is a waste of money. Does it come with turn lights as well as cornering lights? Are they just a gimmick in people opinions?

Door Mirrors - Electrically folding/dimming - Personal preference again, not much to be said about them really, is there?

Xenon Plus headlights - IIRC, all V6 and above models come with these as standard, or is it simply the LED running lights and dipped beam xenon as standard, with you having to upgrade to the xenon plus headlights to get the full and dipped beam with LED running lights?

Cruise Control - Personal preference again, does exactly what it says on the tin though I suppose?

Interior lighting package - I like a nice lighten cabin, presumably they are adjustable in contrast, what color are they, where are they located?

Sorry I've so many questions on a first post,:o just trying to get an idea of people's experence with the car and the options!


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Hi Graeme,

Welcome to TSN!:grin:

Good choice of motor!!

I collect my car on 1st september but I think I can answer some of your questions.

The ride in the Sport is much smoother than my existing A3 which is very "crashy". I had two extended test drives both Sport models and found it to be very compliant. I suppose it depends on what you are used to but it soaked up bumps without feeling too harsh IMO.

You will get xenons and the DRLs (daylight running lights) as standard on a 3.0TDi.

I have gone for the Y alloys as well. Good choice!

I haven't bothered with the DAB radio as I have heard that reception can be hot and miss. Not what you expect from digital.

The satnav is a must for the car IMO. It also gives you the full media package so you can add the Music interface for Ipod contol. You also get a 6 cd changer as well. On a looks note, it also complete the inside of the car. Yes the cost is expensive initially but you would get that back when you sell the car on. Ones without nav will be worth roughly £2k less than those with it so it pays for itself!

Full spec of my car is:

A5 3.0TDi Quattro


Quartz grey

Valcona leather (black)

Parking system advanced

19" Y Spoke wheels

Interior light pack

Comfort pack (electric seats etc)

Cruise control

B & O sound system

DVD sat nav

Audi Music Interface

Bluetooth - low

Black headlining

If you want to get some comparison quotes from another dealer, AliAUDI on here is very good and beat the best quotes I had hands down.



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The only comparison I have against the A5 is the 3 series coupe M sport. A very nice car to drive, very responsive and driver friendly which I could have easily done a few hundred miles more after the end of each journey.

It was a 2.7l tiptronic A5 I drove yesterday and for the short time i drove it, it was hard to say which was nicer to drive, possibily the A5 and the Audi certainly had a much nicer cabin. Not sure what the refreshed cabin will look like in the 2009 3 series though.

The DAB reception in this area isn't bad, and as it's switchable back to FM I kinda see it as the best of both worlds.

As for the satnav completing the inside of the car, I totally agree. That center console with only the poor little handbrake button looks a bit bare withouth the media functions IMO.

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I ordered an A5 3.2 Qattro Sport on 1st Aug



Aruba blue

19" Y spoke alloys

Black leather

Black headliner


B&O speakers

iPod interface

Mobile phone (low)

Park assist plus

Hold assist

Xenons (standard on 6 cylinder)

Interior light pack

Auto dim rear view

Heated seats (front)

Deletion of engine capacity

I had a MkIV R32 which was a brilliant car, better than the MkV quality wise.

I now have a BMW 335i M Sport, if they fitted this engine to the A5 it would be outstanding. Hold assist is standard on the M Sport Beemer and a really good option on the A5. The Sat Nav system graphics are better than the Beemers.

The BMW straight six twin turbo 304bhp would be a nice compromise between the 3.2 V6 265bhp and the S5 4.2 V8 354bhp.

Never had an Audi before but looking forward to the delivery whenever that may be?

Audi have said 12 weeks from placing the order but who knows, the stealers will tell you anything to get a deposit.

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There are reports of some ambiguity in the brochure having confused the network in light of which mobile phone package can be ordered together with the satellite navigation. When the navigation has been spec'ed in, some dealers insist the mobile telephone preparation low is not compatible and will allegedly mark the first high package for inclusion rather than the low. However, the description of the low preparation option is of little help and could be construed as meaning it is incompatible with the navigation. I myself have witnessed this just by visiting a handful of dealerships and asking what they think.

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The Sat Nav system graphics are better than the Beemers.

The new nav update has really nice graphics....


What sort of 335i have you got and what are you doing with it mate?

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