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Audi A3 2003 8l 1.6 Concert to RNS-D Wiring Problems

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I'm having some issues retrofitting an RNS-D to an A3 8l with a non Bose Concert CD

I've searched previous posts and quite find the answers I'm looking for. I know about connecting +12v to the SAFE pin but I'm confused about what other connections need to be added / re-routed.

On the attached picture I've circled all the connections the original Concert had. Green shows the connection matches with the RNS-D. Red shows a connection is present but does not match the RNS-D.

I don't have DIS so I don't need to wire a TMC module. (I think)


I've got the following questions:

1) Do I need to connect the CAN-L and CAN-H from the Concert to pins 13 and 26 on connector #4 on the RNS-D

2) What does "DWA-GND" do on the Concert? And does it need to be re-routed?

3) Do I need a feed to GALA on the RNS-D? The Concert has GALA (volume adjusts with speed) but I can't see how the Concert knows what speed it's going.

4) What other connections are required for the 26 pin on the RNS-D

Thanks for reading this far! happy.gif

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1) No, you must connect the CAN bus via a TMC tuner - which also converts to Audi-spec CAN bus to the Bosch-spec CAN bus that the RNS-D requires.


2) DWA-GND is the alarm connection which senses if someone has ripped the radio out and sets off the alarm.


3) Yes you absolutely need a GALA signal, without that the location display on the RNS-D will be very slow to update, plus the GALA speed sensitive volume feature won't work.


4) The pinouts of the RNS-D are shown on quite a few Audi websites, a search should find them easily enough.

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