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Sayilija Rajakumar

vw sharan power loss decision whether the turbo or not

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VW SHARAN POWER LOSS ON MOTORWAY (this is a cheap and easy decision to know whether it is the turbo problem or not.

When my car is going above 70mph on the motorway the power is suddenly lost. After I switch the engine off then turn it back on it regains its normal power. But I then took it to the garage for a check up and it has nothing to do with the turbo (VNT and not any fault sign). Before I did anything I used forte turbo cleaner. The result I got for few days the car had (not lost) the power but after a few days it again started to lose power. Still I don’t know what the problem is because there is no other sign for the turbo faulty (no smoke, not noisy and most of the time the car is running properly). I am guessing that it is the air flow sensor (MAF), boost pressure sensor (MAP), N75 turbo valve or EGR valve. First i changed the EGR valve the result is on the motorway there is the same problem. After I changed the air flow sensor the result is on the motorway there is the same problem. After that I changed the N75 valve the result is on the motorway there is the same problem. All this happened in 6 months. After 6 months the turbo noise started to come. Now I found out that it is definitely the turbo.


When I used the forte turbo cleaner the result is that on the motorway there is no power lost for a few days so i should have known that it was the turbo (99%) (even if there is no noise and no smoke it is the turbo).

If any of you have the same problem first use the best turbo cleaner and if there is a good result for few days then back to problems then from my experience you should that it will be the turbo (99%). So you should try this because the turbo cleaner testing is cheaper than changing other parts.

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