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Hello everybody. Newbie here.. ive lived abroad for a while until a few problems brought me home to start again. Life is good now and for the last 18 months been the proud owner of an A6 3.0 tdi sline quattro. Which is my pride and joy. But recently have been looking to upgrade and have been torn between and s6 and s8. Anyway im looking at something from 2005 to 2006 and ive spotted an s8 full spec absoluteley stunning car with full audi service history company directors car with high mileage but apparently no expense spared on upkeep. Only thing is ...... its 180000 miles. Looking for some feedback on this. Should i .. or shouldnt i.. all comments and views welcome peeps.

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I'd rather have a well-maintained high-miler than a poorly maintained low-miler.

That said, 180k is a lot! One to get inspected very carefully, I'd say - condition is going to be crucial. And maybe keep a pot of cash aside to cope with, ummm, eventualities?

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I own an A8.  It has the air suspension which means you can vary the ride - unlike in the S6 which has solid suspension by all accounts.


Mileage wise.........


I bought mine (a 54 reg 3.0 tdi q) in Feb 2013.  It had 180K on the clock.  Previous owner was a horse jockey so he needed something ultra-reliable to take him from race meeting to race meeting.

Roll on to now, and the odo is showing 234K.


List of issues, faults and show stoppers -


ummmmmm, none.

Oh, the battery manager whinges and I think I have sorted that (fingers crossed).  The battery manager whinges on lots - it is a known issue.



It starts on the button (key!) I think everything works, although the initial owner must have run out of ink for the options list.  You WILL need to find a proper Audi specialist for servicing - no back street garages will know what to do.



Hope that helps!


I prefer a VERY well maintained high mileage car to a any lower mileage offering.  It shows that everything has been done as it's been a necessary tool for someone.  Especially a company director!

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Good point about the suspension, cruiser.  I remember test driving a new S6 in about 2006... the higher A6 models had absolutely lovely air suspension but it was replaced with steel girders or some such thing for the S6.  Straight out of the Sniff Petrol "keine aufhangung" joke.  I loved everything about the car apart from the suspension but it was just too harsh for the car to work as a family car.

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