Can I connect my iPhone to my 2005 D3 by Bluetooth?

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I had the Audi MMI unit installed on my 2005 D3 a few years ago. I just downloaded the Audi MMI connect app on my iPhone and registered on audi.com, but it says my car isn't compatible. Is there anything I can do to get podcasts etc playing from the phone? I have podcasts on an old iPhone in the glovebox, attached with the old-style Apple connector, but it'd be nice to do it over Bluetooth with the phone I carry all the time.


thanks for your help


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Ah, I see what you mean.


Not sure.


I have the AMI in the glovebox and it had an old iphone connector on it.  I replaced it with a USB cable so I can play stuff direct from there.

The Bluetooth on my existing Lumia is connected fine, and I can see stuff, but I have not looked for other stuff.

It might be worth trawling the web to see if a software upgrade to the MMI would help. 

What MMI version are you on?

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