Who needs Hybrids when you've a Diesel A3?!

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Update:  Time to replace the original brake disks. They were getting a little corroded on the outside and inside edges of the contact surface and a few score marks. Though, as the picture shows, after filing off the lips at the edges the thickness is still well above the minimum of 22mm  (new, they were 25mm).

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-04 at 15.56.13.jpeg

Guess they could have been skimmed but anyway, I decided that a new pair, with pads, of Brembos would be a good idea.

The car has now done 197,000 miles.

I don't drive slowly, I anticipate the road ahead unlike most road users nowadays (who are not even looking at the road), and probably most contributory is the fact the car is garaged overnight.

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