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RS4 B7 Oil & Filter Change Guide

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Here's a little guide for those wishing to carry out an oil and filter change themselves.

Parts Required:

Oil Filter. Part No: V079 198 405 B (Approx cost £12.50)

Drain Plug washer. Part No: VN 013 815 7 (Approx cost £0.50)

Castrol Edge 5w-30 VW 504/507 (10 Litres) or similar (Approx cost £100)

Tools Required:

32mm hex socket

10mm hex socket

6mm hex bit

Phillips screwdriver


Remove rear carbon fibre engine cover (circled yellow) by pulling firmly upwards. Ensure all fixings remain in place.


Unscrew 2 10mm bolts (circled red) to remove cover bracket to get access to filter (circled yellow)


You will now need a 32mm hex socket to unscrew plastic filter cover.


Pulling up the filter cover will remove the filter along with it. Detatch the cover from the filter and replace filter. Ensure drain plug on filter fits into the hole at the bottom of the casing.


Replace rubber o - ring on filter cover. Screw filter cover back on and reattach engine cover bracket removed earlier.

Raise car and remove plastic undertray. There are lots of quicklock fixings which need to be unclipped with screwdriver.


Locate drain plug (circled red) and remove with a 6mm hex bit. You will need a container with atleast a 10 litre capacity for the oil to drain into.


Once fully drained refit drain plug with new washer & lower car. Fill to full mark on dipstick with oil, run engine for short period of time and check for any leaks around the filter and drain plug.

Raise car and refit undertray. Lower car and refit rear engine cover. Recheck oil level and top up if necessary.

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Great post Daz, This will aid a lot of owners. beerchug.gif

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Daz, where can I get the Oil filter for around £13 ?

I can't get price lower than £21

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That was what I paid at Poole Audi.

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