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Used to be a very rare sight if I saw another Cab on my journey to work. Today I saw FIVE not including my own! Hopefully just a one off and we are not about be the next TT.

Interstingly I also saw an 'M' Plate Coupe S2 - still a very fine looking machine, I could happily still drive one every day - would save em a fortune in depreciation!

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Well, keep it in context - was reading yesterday (AXA insurance survey) that the most common manufacturer in West London is Mercedes - one in twenty of ALL cars shocked.gif. BMW the most common in N London, while (I think) one in 80 cars in SW London is a Porsche.

I suspect a bit of a skew (premium car owners more likely to fill in a survey than people driving old Cortinas ?). S'pose DVLA would have the definitive data. But given the BMW > Mondeo ratio, perhaps it's not so silly.

One thing about Audi cabs - much more variety. Perhaps I'm biassed, but I still find others of interest because they all have different colour combinations, whereas BMWs seem a lot more uniform. Mind you, we've all got a bit less diverse andadventurous than the old Audi 80 cab owners - I haven't seen a single one of those that WASN'T in bright pastel or fluorescent colours.

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Well hopefully now you can order special paint finishes for the Cab we will see a bit more diversity (hopefully within the bounds of good taste.

For the record the 5 I saw were..

2 Black/Black

2 Carib Blue/Black

1 Moro/Black

All hoods up, plus my own Carib Blue/Blue

Have to say the black looked good but both cars were new and shiny.

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Blue/blue is the way to go, IMHO . .. smirk.gif

Still a fairly rare sight here on the South Coast . .. I occasionally see a Gold one (sorry, Cosmic Yellow) on the way to and from work.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that when I see any at the weekend, I'll be in the wife's Scenic!

How frustrating is that?


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