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NXT 180


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This question is probably at more at Geoff (steelwind101) but if anyone else knows the answer then please feel free to answer.

I applied the following to my car 3 weeks ago, AG SRP, AG EGP and NXT180.

Car is still looking great - the combination of the above 3 has meant the car stays looking clean a lot longer than it used to (havent needed to clean her for the past 3 weeks smile.gif )

Planning on cleaning this weekend, would it be worth me applying another coat of NXT180 ? will this just take off the previous coat or will it add to the previous coat ? or should i just apply Megs NXT QD after washing ?

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Hello Spikeyboy,

Applying another coat of XMT 180 over your current coat wont remove any thing below it. It will just add more protection and ensure you have complete coverage all over your car.

A second coat will probably add some more depth/wetness. 180 seems to repel road gunge pretty well!!

Id personally get 2 coats on in quick sucession and then try to get another coat on every 6 weeks to keep the looks at optimal level.


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Hi Stewart,

Its acutally XMT 180 nothing to do with the Meguiars NXT.

XMT 180 is made by Pinnacle wax and you can get it from Elite car care. Its a fairly new product that compliments a line of polishes they make.

Its very similar to Nattys and Pinnacle Sovereign; wet, quite deep but very glossy and about 10 weeks or so of good durability. Its looks last about as long as it does which is a good.

The fact that it creates a gloss means its easy to get nice look. It isnt spending lots of time creating elements of extra depth or colour perception, althought it tends to look bright.

It really compliments cars that are dark or solid.

Check it out there, there is plenty of info:



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