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[Audi A3/S3] A3 1.8 20v engine tuning?


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Hey all...

Although looking good, my A3 1.8 20v SE felt like it was standing still next to a Civic R-type the other day....

Therefore, this got me thinking ENGINE MOD TIME...so I spoke to AMD and they told me £7K just to do an A3 turbo engine swap? WAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are there any other engine conversions and company's that can do some serious work to our Audi's?...Like supercharging and turbocharging? Does anyone know of the costs involved aswell or has anyone dealt with such a company?


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If it helps, I bought my 225-S3 engine with full loomb and only 8900 odd miles on it for £900 from VOLKSLINE on 07092 050 579. Ive spoken to a number of firms regarding the transplant with a bigger turbo and it sounds like a BIG job to undertake. It looks like a company called VAGSPORT (07799 693617)whom are very popular amongst performance VW enthusiasts will be carrying out the work when funds permit but all in all im looking at around a further 4K to complete the job and thats without accounting for breaks which will obviously have to be sorted first. 7K seems a lot of change though, you'd be able to turbo your existing engine for half that! Still a big job though, let us know how it goes.


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