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[Audi A3/S3] Back in the market?


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Right, as some of you may know, even after nearly 2 years, I still really miss my old T Sport and bitterly regert getting rid of it. I had it from new for 3 years but decided it had to go due to expanding family. Since that, I have had a brand new Lexus 200 (hated it) and have now got a Zafira (but it's an Automatic).

Anyway, I spotted this on the Fontain website and thought it looked quite nice (and it's a 5-door)

2 things you guys can help on - are the miles a bit high? They don't worry me too much as I only do about 6K per year.

The other thing is the colour - is Dolphin Grey nice or not? I can't really make up my mind from the pictures.

I reckon my Zafira is worth around £12.5K and I would like to bank a bit of cash if at all possible. Help me out please!!

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Drill, what's the access like via to rear doors? I know that the A3 isn't the biggest in the back. My old one was reasonable because the front seats were quite clever in the way they flipped forward.

I need to fit in a 3 year old on a booster seat and a 1 year old in a regular fixed car-seat (that also reclines).


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Well, giving it a bit of thought.... it depends on how big the folks in the front are smashfreakB.gif I'm 5ft 6 and like to sit kinda close to the wheel, and we had no problems getting our friends 2 y.o. and seat into the seat behind me. The only problem was his feet were within striking distance of the back of my seat smashfreakB.gifgrin.gif

So I figure the youngest would be no problem. Now the 3 y.o. with booster, not sure. I know there'd be room, but just not how MUCH suicide.gif

Tell ya what I'll do if you can wait. Tomorrow after work (If you remind me, cause I'm an idiot smashfreakB.gif) I'll take and post some pics of the front and back seats with someone (Prolly me) in them so you can get a better idea.

When we got the A3 we figured 4-doors would be no prob for the 1st kid, and kinda tight, but doable for a second. We just haven't got the kids yet smashfreakB.gif


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Cheers Drill - the lack of space is what I was afraid of.It wasn't too bad in my old 3 door, with 1 rugrat, but not sure about loading in 2.

Passed by my local stealer last night and they had a silvery 5 door 1.8T Sport, which looked nice. Called them up this morning and they knew nothing about it (!). They said they would call me back within an hour and, to their credit, were back on the phone inside of 30 minutes. They only got it in yesterday but it is Crystal Blue. Not sure about that, as I have never seen one in the flesh during the daytime. I might pop down there at the weekend and have a gander.

Might have to be an A4 if the 3 is no good!!

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