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My 06 .R is paralysed


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Let me start of painting the scene.

I was happyly driving to work yesterday on a crisp and sunny morning during rush hour towards Bristol minding mine own business, then suddently out of the blue the car loses all power and the engine died while it was still moving (40-50). EEK2.GIFUHOH7.GIF Lucky enough within yards there was large enterance to one of the local quarries, so i managed to get it into the opening with its own momentum.

So my initial though the fuel was dirty/contaminated, etc. At this time, it been stationary for a few minutes, so i tried to start it - joy of joys it started but within 10-15secs engine died again but with addition of the DSG selection display flashing away, power-steering failure, EPC failure, ESP was conutiously off - all major electronics. EEK2.GIFEEK2.GIFEEK2.GIF

So i called VW Assistant to report it and they arrived with 90 minutes. So he connected his laptop to the car and ran the tests and it turned out to be a fault with the CAN-BUS network system in the car. In other words the car's data 'spine' was broken/faulty so all the car's individual systems could not communicate with each other.

So the car was towed to my nearest dealership (weston-super-mare) to be investigated further and according to them its under warranty due to this very freaky weird failure. At the moment im driving a hire car Europcar (paid by VW) until the car is 100%.

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