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Parking Brake fault


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Hi Guys, I have not been on the forum for a while. My D3 has been getting a few problems, so I took it down to the local independent for a diagnosis. A new coolant sensor has sorted most things but I still have a problem with my parking brake. I think there used to be a Vag Com page but I can't find this now. Please could anyone tell me what the fault below from the Vag-Com log might mean? most of the time the parking brake works just fine, sometimes it does not release but by operating the switch a couple of times its all ok again. I've had this fault ever since the stealer fitted new rear pads about 2 years ago.

Address 53: Parking Brake Labels:None

Part No SW:4E0 910 801 HW:4E0 907 801

Component: EPB A01H011 H01 0110

Coding: 0000531

Shop#:WSC 00428

1 Fault Found:

16347 - Control Module - EEPROM Error

014 - Defective - MIL ON

Freeze Frame:

Fault Status: 11100000

Fault Priority:4

Fault Frequency: 176

Time Idication:0

Freeze Frame:

Voltage:10.87 V

Count: 187


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I don't know if this relates but before I picked up my car (a 2003 D3 4.2) I know there had been some work on the parking break. I believe it may have been a recall. I do not have any more info than that but it might be worth a phone call to a main dealer to see if there is a recall on your car.

The only other thing I know is that you have to enter the correct pad depth into the computer when you replace the pads.


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