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esp not working right ...?


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Hello all, well first post and i have searched and there is not much about so i thought i would ask

I have a 03 130 gt tdi golf and its dun 155k bout a month ago the esp light came on/ on a straight road at bout 15 20 mph as I went down the road I turned off ignition and back on again it went off....? bout half hour later it was back..

some say it could be the abs but this is fine and still works ok as tested it and no skids.

well I hav had it on a hand held version of vag- and it would not read anything from the computer link??

strange thing is a wet day the other i spun the front wheels and it went off. tried a few more spins and it works as normal with the light flashin when its workin. waaaheeeey cured ... spoke too soon its now back on??

god knows what it is ?????

is there any advice anyone can give on here please

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