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Repairs to my A6 (1998)


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Seems as though some cnut has pushed a low loader trolley (B&Q style) into the front of my car! (without my knowledge, and without owning up)

This has shown up with a few lower bumper scuffs initially.

I only found out when walking to the car and I thought the foglight was pushed back. Further inspections at home revealed the foglight had been broken at the plastic mounting - so I'll need a new mounting and I have the part number. Also screen wash is pissing out when I fill it up - to a certain level. My A6 has the headlight squirters, so the fluid pipes run down into the lower bumper and underneath the grille, so the 3 pipe union has been broken. I'll need a new one of them and then figure out how to remove the original Audi pipe clips/jubilee clips. The fluid level now sits just with some in, but the low-level light is always on.

The perils of car parks. mad.gif


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