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[Audi A2] door hinge


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Newly posted Bulletin :

Routine durability monitoring by Audi AG has identified a minor cosmetic flaw in the door

hinge of the Audi A2 (model year 2000-2005).

It has been discovered that the hinge can be susceptible to cracks on the outer non-structural

skin. To some customers this may lead to concern that the structural integrity has been

compromised – this is not the case.

Should you receive any customer enquiries relating to this characteristic please advise them that

extensive testing of affected hinges by Audi AG has confirmed that their performance and longevity

are in no way reduced by these surface cracks.

Replacement doors have been modified since September 2007.

Audi AG have produced a Technical Problem Solution (TPL) which has been published on ELSA -

TPL number 2016707/1. This TPL includes details of how to claim the cost of the repair. Please

note that all vehicles are covered - even if out of warranty - and so customers should not be


However, we do not expect to be in a position to have all the required parts in stock at Dordon until

mid-March. The two part numbers currently unavailable are the kits 8Z0 898 021 and 8Z0 898

022. Please postpone all repairs until all the parts are available. The other parts required are:

• 8Z0 837 349C

• 8Z0 837 350C

• 8Z0 868 243

• DA 001 730 A2

• D 001 001

• D 009 401 04

• N 903 675 03

• N 101 154 04

• 8Z0 898 021 (currently unavailable)

• 8Z0 898 022 (currently unavailable)

As soon as all parts are in stock we will issue a further announcement.

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