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Question about VW parts and delivery times


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Hi all,

My Mk5 .:R is currently in the bodyshop having two very nasty dents removed left after some tw&t/id!ot decided to drive into my car in a supermarket carpark and then drive off without leaving any details. suicide.gif

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It's been there for 2 weeks, but apparently is now sitting in the panel shop waiting on VW parts which they are being told are on backorder from VW Deutschland. Does anyone here know roughly how long I should expect to wait, and is there anything I could (perhaps source the parts myself) to attempt to speed up the process? Right now I am just keen to hurry this up and get the hell out of the dodgy 'Kia' rental car they have supplied me, and get back to my pride and joy ECLIPSe.gif

Thanks for all ideas/comments...

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