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TomTom One help

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Just bought a TomTom one and have hooked it up to the laptop and created the TomTom Home account etc etc.

However, at the Main Menu page it's saying that the maps are 23 weeks out of date and there are 15063 MapShare corrections waiting.

But I have already gone to Tools | Use Latest Map Guarantee and downloaded it? If I disconnect and reconnect, it searches for updates and says there are none available but when I go back to the Main Page, I still get the 23 wekks message????

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Err. Not sure what I did but mine now downloads the road corrections. I think, in TomTom Home, there is a section for "Map Share" (or similar) and if you click on this, you can join the map sharing community and on future syncs, it will download the updates. I didnt always have this option, it either came with a new version of the Home app or with the upgrade to European maps that I bought in Janusary.

Sorry can't be more specific as I'm not at home and don't have the TomTom with me.

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