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Is there something wrong with my .:R?


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Hi NelsonA3Sline hope you're enjoying the R

Picked up my new R at 9.0clock saturday and must say it was in tip top condition,( sorry to hear that yours was not at as it should have been) spent most of Saturday cleaning and and putting on some autoglym lifeshine other than that did not do many miles, have you tried the sat-nav yet? is it any good? what is the model nos? and Did you really get 33.3mpg again today.

[/ QUOTE ]

Hi Boarder; I'm REALLY enjoying my R32 thanks grin.gif I seriously believe it's one of the best kept secrets in the Hot Hatch Market.

I also Autoglym Lifeshine my car on Sunday. But rather stupidly didn't check that the Dealer had removed all the Wax from the car. Doesn't matter though as the car is being worked on by Cambridge Autogleam in April 169144-ok.gifgrin.gif

New wheel is already on order too 169144-ok.gif

I've had a play with the Nav and it's great. It's just the lack of Postcode search which makes it a little long winded and frustrating frown.gif

The high 30 figures are average MPG for that particular journey. In total the car has done 20mpg but it's only done 250 miles so far so not suprising. Either way it's allot higher than I was expecting which is good!

DIS screen 1: MPG for that journey

DIS screen 2: Total MPG

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