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[Audi A3/S3] delalers and oil


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i know s3 oil is a regularly covered topic, however thought i would add to the demise of the stealers.

when i got my s3 2 years ago i noticed it drank about 1/2 litre of oil every 1000 miles. the handbook said this was normal and to be expected. however i looked through the cars service history and noticed on the last service done just before i got the car audi had used castrol slx longlife 2. i spent a while looking on tyresmoke and realised this has been done to others in the past.... it should be 503.1 0w-30w castrol slx longtec! so i did an oil and filter change myself with the right oil. hey presto for the last 6000 miles it hasn't drunk a drop!

so i suggest people check which oil audi wants to put in and insist on the correct one!

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