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Spent 3 weeks stripping the rusty old bolts off the exhaust, so I could drop my sump pan and change the filter, only to find that the downpipes are in the way, and I'm not stripping half the engine out to access where they bolt to the manifolds.

So... I put the pan back on, refit the exhaust (not fun when half the bolts are still rusted to the flanges and you had to cut them in half!), refill the gearbox with ATF.

Then I decide to put the car back into 'summer' mode this Saturday, so refit the 19's (after bashing 7 bells of shite out of the rear wheels coz they'd seized on the hubs!), re set the front suspension to 'low', fitted my LED DRLs into the headlights, gave her a couple of washes and a clay, and drove her back to London.

This morning, drive out of my estate, and catch the sump drain plug on the raised electric gate catch in the middle of the driveway. Now the plug is bent up into the sump pan and its pissing ATF out of the bent thread. New sump pan time! sportifs2.gifNONO3.GIFROLLEY~14.GIFSAUER0421.GIF

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