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[Audi A3/S3] S3 speakers


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okay, i know this kinda conversation has been kicking about for some time but i dont remember anyone talking specifically about upgrading the standard system in a non-bose S3.

what i need to know is:

1. what is the current setup (are there any amps, etc.)

2. will an aftermarket set of 13cm components fit the front doors okay assuming i fit the adaptor of course.

3. will i need to wire the crossover in? or can i use the audi one (if they have one!).

4. assuming i'm only upgrading the front door speakers, will i need to fit an amp?

hmmm, i think thats about it. not wanting to spend a fortune. i just want a bit more oomph out of the front speakers. i'm only asking because i'm sure that some of you out there have already done something similar and i'd rather ask someone than spend the afternoon ripping the car to pieces to find out what i've got and not got!!

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A non Bose S/A3 will have its front speakers powered from the headunit. The rear speakers and the 'sub' are normally powered by a separate amp built into the sub unit in the boot.

If you were just going to change the front speakers you would need to get the adaptor rings, a set of 5 1/4" components and possibly a bit of speaker cable. The standard fronts are 4" so you should notice some extra mid to low end from the replacement kit assuming the amp in the headunit is up to the job.

It would be best to use the crossover supplied with the speakers you may have a bit of fun finding somewhere to sit the crossover hence the need for the cable. You don't want the crossover sitting rattling in your doors!

TBH I would look at replacing the headunit and/or an amp before you you change the speakers, though obviously this is a lot more money.

I'm currently in the middle of buying / designing my new system for my S3, though I think I'm planning on spending a bit more than you. My current plans are to stick with the stock HU even though it ain't great (stealth looks I've had enough stereo kit nicked for a lifetime), then run a pair of Diamond Audio Hex 5 1/4" components off a Genesis stereo 100 amp and then add a Diamond Audio M5 10" sub running off a Genesis Profile sub amp. It should sound great.

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cheers for the useful info chris. I'm keeping the stock headunit for exactly the same reasons. It quite nice to not have to worry about someone wanting to steal your HU!

At the moment i'm not too fussed about the rears but i'm sure that it wont be long before they get the treatment, so to speak! For the fronts i'm looking at spending about £100 on a set of components and about the same for an amp. One other question: i've heard some ppl talking about the really small amps, do you know who makes them? i'm looking for something nice and really compact that i could easily stash behind the dash or somewhere like that. i really dont want to be running wires to the boot!

Thanks a lot,


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The genesis amp I have is quite small, there is a lower model (still very good) on ebay atm http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3062234715&category=4950

I'm hoping to hide this in one of the rear quarter pannels. I know that alpine also do some quite small 2 channel amps. Best go to a site like car audio direct and they should have the specs on most amps avaliable.


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