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Some Help - Struggling Passat


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Hey all,

Need some help here,

I started my Passat this evening and while idling it sounded really rough. like it was struggling to stay on. I went for a spin and while driving the car was really struggling to pick up speed when I press the loud pedal. The Engine management light started Flashing on and off. It's not on continuously but only flashes.

I know there is a vacum hose that is split and I have only just picked up the part today to replace that but something tells me that this cant be sole issue of the car really struggling as I made a temp fix bu repairing the split hose.

Car : 2002 1.8T 20V Sport TIP Miles: 77K

It is due for a service in 2000 miles.

Can anyone help me out here.

Is it likley to be this hose? or could it be the Coil packs packing up? or even the MAF Sensor?


P :-(

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The Vac pipe is split, I spotted this on the weekend and had to order it from VW as euro car parts didnt have it. I made a temp fix with some seriously hardcore industry tape and re-fitted the pipe. I took it to work (reading) on Monday from London and it was fine. So needless to say am a little miffed as it been sitting on the drive doing nothing since Monday night :-(

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